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F-DGSi professionals are available to install your equipment in your environment.
During the installation process we ensure the product is delivered as designed for your need.

Rental or hire purchase

Rent an F-DGSi equipment allows you to:
To preserve your capital budget
To have unlimited flexibility
Not having to apply depreciation

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Many of F-DGSi generators are modular and can be upgraded to increase the performance and versatility.
Depending on the scope of work, some upgrades can be performed in the field at your location while others will have to be completed at F-DGSi Service Center.

Relocation service

F-DGSi offer its customers a relocation service for all instrumentation that it has installed and/or supplied.
Occasionally customers relocate to either expand there operation or to downsize.
We can take care of the deinstallation, reinstallation, and performance verification.
We can also advise on the specifications required for all the services at your new laboratory i.e.  bench space, gas supplies, gas filtration, power outlets, environmental conditions and consumables etc
Call us directly at F-DGSi to discuss your requirements and to receive a quotation

Spares and Consummables

F-DGSi offers a full range of service spares and consumables to its customers.
We do hold an extensive inventory for very fast delivery but if the item or items are not in our stock we do offer a hotline service which is guaranteed for a 48 hour delivery and is very often next day by midday.

Maintenance service

Any Preventive Maintenance can be performed at your location as well as at a F-DGSi Service Center. During a PM, our experienced service personnel ensure that your equipment is meeting factory performance specifications. We inspect the generators, replace specific parts, complete necessary product updates, perform testing and provide a certificate.  Annual PM activities are highly encouraged to maintain the trusted performance of your equipments.  Preventive Maintenance will preserve and restore the reliability of your capital equipment investment.

Perform preventive maintenance to avoid unplanned production downtime and higher repair costs. F-DGSi offerings includes various warranty and service contract options to ensure the optimal performance of your F-DGSi equipments :

Improve the reliability of your equipment
Ensure its effectiveness
Increase its time life


F-DGSi Service Technicians and Engineers are trained and certified to repair your equipements back to specifications. Customers are encouraged to purchase service contracts, however repairs services are available on a per call basis.  Depending on the nature of your repair and the warranty/contract coverage, various fees may be required: labor, parts, travel charge and/or shipping. If you have a repair need, please contact F-DGSi Service Center for resolving your repair inquiry quickly.

All parts are stored at our headquarter located in Evry (91) in France
Our local customer service in many countries offers response within 48/72h working days
A hotline is available to answer any technical questions
Products repair are made in our French facility by our own service personnel




Unlimited breakdown callouts include :
Travel, labor and accommodation



Fixed number Breakdown callouts include:
Travel, labor and accommodation



Service parts included



Consumables parts included



Discount on consumables



Response time = 2 working days ( Mo-Frid)



Unlimited telephone and Email support



Electronic visit report



Preventive maintenance with performance verification

In addition to the standard preventative maintenance visit our Field Services Engineers will deliver performance verification. This is carried out following the successful completion of the PM. The results of the performance verification are always fowarded to the end-user or supervisor.

Calibration and Recertification
Some customers only require the instrumentation to receive an annual recalibration and certification service. The Field Services Engineer will carry out the recalibration of the instrument. On completion of the recalibration a test will be performed to verify that the instrument is performing to the customers or manufacturers specifications. A certificate of calibration will then be issued to the end-user or supervisor 


Our F-DGSi experienced service team routinely host customized training at our site.
However upon request, these installation, operation and maintenance trainings can be provided on customer’s site.
Standard course modules cover F-DGSi products and software.
Courses include both classroom presentations and hands-on equipment's maintenance and operation.


In a changing environment, the move to renting or operating leasing represents a strategic alternative:

100% of rent expensed
No amortization to apply
Investment budget preserved

Operating leasing does not affect the asset side of the company's balance sheet and enables it to demonstrate superior financial results. Whatever your business, the most important thing for your company is not to own equipment but to gain the best productivity during its useful life. Designed with this in mind, our rental packages deliver new equipment strategy solutions for your laboratory:

Technical advantages

Full range of F-GSi products
Large selection of associated services
F-DGSi-trained/accredited customer service
F-DGSi guarantee and support
Offer valid at all our sales outlets
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Financial advantages

Operating expenditure
Managed commitment period
Risk outsourced
Deconsolidation of assets
Reduction in usage cost
Management of changes in equipment

Depending on your requirements, the rental may be supplemented by additional services:

Standard or urgent installation
Standard or extended familiarization
IQ/OQ qualification
Preventive maintenance (rental of over 12 months)
Extended guarantee

Our support engineers are trained and accredited for F-DGSi technologies.

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Qualification Phases - 4Q model

In many highly regulated laboratories or laboratories which are UKAS, ISO17025, 21CFR Part 11 or GLP accredited it is often required by the customer that the instrument supplier carries out 4Q qualification on the instrumentation annually.

Design Qualification : Compare user requirements with supplier specifications - Supplier assessment

Installation Qualification : Verify environment - Verify arrival as purchased - Check proper installation

The Installation Qualification (IQ) is available for customers who require a formal IQ data package for the installation process.
Testing to show conformance to specification is performed during an OQ.

Operational Qualification : Test of operational functions - Performance testing - Test of security functions

The Operational Qualification (OQ) process demonstrates that an instrument functions to its operational specification in the selected environment.
F-DGSi OQ procedure confirms that the product meets all of its relevant published specifications in the environment in which it will be used.
The process is fully documented. Data is reviewed, and a documentation package is provided to assist with regulatory needs.

Performance Qualification : Test for specified application - Preventative maintenance - On-going performance tests

The 4Q Qualification service is delivered by our Field Services Engineers, if you would like to receive more information or a quotation please contact F-DGSi

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