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F-DGSi Marketing activities in 2013

In 2013, F-DGSi attended various trade shows, exhibitions and industrial seminars to discuss your needs and bring you the solutions for your applications for lab or industry.

Whatever is your area of activity, our expertise make it possible :

Better yields
Quick return on investment
Alternative to helium shortage

International Press Releases

International Labmate

F-DGSi introduces its Clever Sensor to eliminate the risks in using Hydrogen as a Carrier gas in GC or GCMS analysis - June 13th 2013

F-DGSi offers solutions to the world Helium shortage with its High Purity H2 generator Series WM-H2 to be used for GC and GCMS carrier gas - June 13th 2013

N2 generators for LCMS, MP-AES, GC and general applications - June 13th 2013

La Gazette du labo

Générateur d’Hydrogène : la solution à l’hélium ! Pour GC ET GCMS – September 1st 2013

Analytical Scientist

Solutions to the world Helium shortage with the H2 generator for GC and GCMS carrier gas – September 13th 2013

Media Releases

Feature Video ‘Why they choose an F-DGSi gas generator’ – October 30th 2013

Industry Mag

Forum Labo & Biotech 2013 - Mme Fabienne PALGE Sté F-DGSi – June 5th 2013


F-DGSi company presentation – October 4th 2013

They Choose F-DGSi – July 5th 2013

F-DGSi Cocktail party – July 1st 2013

F-DGSi Lab Gas Generators Presentation – April 28th 2013

News or applications notes

  • FEBRUARY 2013 A study on a comparison between Hydrogen vs. Helium use on an Agilent GCMS equipped with a Gerstel olfactometer.
    Paper published at the SBSE workshop

    Coming Events

    In which event F-DGSi will be attending :
    • MARCH 2014 PITTCON - Laboratory Science Equipement & Exhibition Chicago, USA
    • MARCH 2014 ARABLAB - The International Show for Tomorrows Technology Dubai, UAE
    • AVRIL 2014 ANALYTICA MUNICH International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analyses, Biotechnology and Analytica Conference Munich, Germany
    • MAY 2014 38th International Symposium on Capillary Chromatography and 11th GCXGC Symposium Riva Del Garda, Italy
    • JUNE 2014 ASMS - 62nd ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics Baltimore MD, USA
    • SEP. 2014 ISC 2014 - 30th International Symposium on Chromatography Salzburg, Austria
    • SEP. 2014 2014 Analytica China 2014 - 7th International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis, Biotechnology and Diagnostics Shanghai, China

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